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Why a PI? Private Investigative Services

How utilizing investigation services are saving businesses millions of dollars annually.

When a  wide variety of Companies, Insurance Companies, Attorneys and the private sector have utilized a skilled private investigator their accomplishments are rewarded with repeat business and many referrals. When local, state and federal law enforcement is unwilling or unable to help the Private Investigator steps in to accomplish client goals.

Technology is constantly changing and the best investigation services constantly research and test products as they become available to offer their clients the best solutions. Investigators continuously hone their skills and maintain up to date information in every aspect of investigative services.

In the Workplace

Investigators have been utilized in the workplace to investigate a multitude of situations such as work place such as theft, drug use, quality controls etc. Businesses have many difficulties when it comes to dealing with these types of challenges and require these investigative services to achieve these goals. A quality Investigation service utilizes the latest techniques and increasing their skills in order to service the needs of their clients. These investigators are trained in the art of Interrogation & Interview, evidence collection, legal investigation practices and therefore can handle the job of uncovering the truth, recording and documenting the evidence and as necessary become themselves witnesses in court to avoid costly lawsuits.

With the Insurance Company

In the movies, you'll often see someone faking whiplash after a car accident. After the person gives a false statement to authorities, the movie cuts to the person at home -- sans the big foam collar -- engaging in an athletic endeavor that would be impossible if he or she really had whiplash. Next scene: A private investigator, hiding in the bushes, snaps a photo of the "victim" and takes off.

That's not just the stuff of Hollywood. Private investigators do stake out insurance claimants at times for just such reasons. They also use less dramatic tactics to uncover fraud, such as researching claimants' backgrounds through perusing criminal records, interviewing claimants and any witnesses, inspecting pertinent sites, etc. Investigators may also consult with the insurer's legal counsel and serve as expert witnesses in court. [source: Bureau of Labor Statistics].

Insurance companies have a list of criteria that may cause them suspect fraudulent claims such as increasing their insurance just prior to submitting a claim, filing just prior to ending their job, an extensive amount of previous claims etc. Insurance adjusters alone are not usually able to make the determination without the assistance of an Investigation Service as these indicators may prove to be valid. A proper investigation will uncover the truth which vindicates the innocent and provide the proof necessary to close the book on the guilty

Video surveillance is often utilized in providing insurance companies with the necessary visual documentation required to bring these individuals to justice.

United Processing has an experienced team of investigators that do just that saving insurance companies the exorbitant cost of paying fraudulent claims and saving Americans the cost of higher insurance rates to cover those fraudulent claims.

Within the Legal Process

Almost any type of case, civil, criminal or probate; Investigators are utilized in the field to find and collect the proof. The properly trained and skilled Investigator can be invaluable to developing a case, documenting the evidence and as needed appearing in court to present the evidence.

Investigators are the attorney’s right arm that locates witnesses nationwide and reaches out to them; obtaining statements from prospective witnesses in any type of case and in virtually any area that requires the collection of evidence.


The Private Sector

Movies and television often portray the investigator as the person who catches a cheating spouse, this in fact is a part of the industry.

A higher impact in the private sector has been with investigations of child abuse, senior citizen abuse, locating stolen property, wrongful death, finding loved ones with which they have lost contact etc.